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Our mission at BIB-ON LLC is to cover your precious child from start to finish. 





Care Instructions for The BIB-On :


After each use, shake the BIB-ON over the trash or sink to get debris out of the front pockets.  Lay the BIB-ON flat on the kitchen counter, and using a wet soapy sponge, wipe away food debris/stains.  For more stubborn stains, use the scrubby side of the sponge to gently scrub off most stains, like red sauce stain, off the BIB-ON.  


For machine wash/weekly cleaning:

1.  Spot treat if necessary prior to washing.

2.  Machine wash warm, gentle cycle with like color fabrics.

3.  Tumble dry low or line dry.  The BIB-ON will fully dry in about 30 minutes if hung to dry.

4.  Do not use bleach

5.  Do not use fabric softner

6.  Do not dry clean



Helpful Hints and Suggestions :

1.  To keep floors cleaner, try stuffing one or two crumpled up napkins inside the front middle pocket before eating.  This keeps the front main pocket wide open to catch more food debris, especially for soup and noodles.  The napkins in the pocket absorb and hold the liquid spilled down the chest, which makes clean up much easier.  


2.  The BIB-ON is made out of wrinkle-free, PUL fabric.  It is easy to fold up into a nice, compact shape to take to restaurants.  While it can easily be rolled or folded in anyway you can imagine, the straps and Velcro allow it to be rolled up and tied up.  I have found this method shown on the video to the right, to be the most aesthetically pleasing and fun way to transport our BIB-ONs.


3.  Start your children wearing The BIB-ON early. As soon as they begin to eat solid foods, get your BIB-ON to train them to always wear a bib when they eat.  So later in life, they won't fuss or try to tear off bibs during meal times, which keeps clothes and floors clean. 


4.  When a child is using The BIB-ON during mealtime, adjust the rear strap so it is snug but not tight on the torso.  This will allow for The BIB-ON to hang over the feeding chair to capture more food debris.

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